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Welcome to Natural Hoof Care


Buttercup's owner got in touch with me after lots of thought and research into barefoot methods, Buttercups feet were not great and had always appeared too big for her slender frame. Buttercups owner decided to try barefoot to see if we could improve Buttercups hoofs. On arriving Buttercup was lame and an abscess was suspected.

Above is Buttercups front left before shoe removal. Notice the two toe clips on the front and the center toe is missing in the shape of a toe clip.

Above is Buttercups front right before shoe removal

Above is the volar view of the front left 1 week after shoe removal, notice there is very little hoof wall and very little to trim at all.

Above is the front right 1 week after shoe removal, notice the hole?? Buttercup had a suspected abscess and the veterinarian treated the abscess by digging part of the hoof out. This not something i would recommend doing. Again there is very little hoof wall left, the owner has hoof boots and pads for riding and soft ground for the horse to walk on.

Above After the shoes are off not a lot to be done , the hoof walls are to brittle and thin just need time to grow.

Above Front left after a sandpaper trim

Above Front left 8 weeks later after 3 trims

Above Front Right 8 weeks later after 3 trims

Above Front left 18 weeks after shoes were removed the toe wall has almost grown back and the hoof wall is stronger and thicker.

Above Front left volar view the hoof wall is now stronger and thicker and has almost recovered at the toe the heels are widened and are no longer as contracted as they were.

Above Front Right 18 weeks after shoes have been removed the nail holes have grown out the hoof has grown a thicker stronger wall.

Above the hoof wall is thicker the abscess hole is growing out and the heels have widened.