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Welcome to Natural Hoof Care

Hoof Boots

I offer a boot fitting service to all of my clients free with a trim. As i have mentioned in many posts on my Facebook page when transitioning its important to put the welfare of the horse horse first. If your horse has complications or issues with their hooves its important to have boots and pads at the ready to go straight on to support the horse though out the transition. There are several different types of boots out there and not all boots fit every hoof shape. I carry fit kits with me and stock a small selection of boots and pads with me. I will also help horse owners source second hand boots so transitioning doesn't need to break the bank.

Above, selection of fitting shells to make selecting the right boot easier. (Supplied by urban horse)

There are several types of boots on the market below are a few of my personal favorites.

Scoot Boots are for hoof shapes that have low heels and a fairly normal hoof shape with straight walls, Scoots boots are not very good boots to choose if the hoof wall has excessive flare or if the hooves are high in the heels.