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Welcome to Natural Hoof Care

Sarah Oliver Instructor and CHCP- Certified Hoof Care Professional with Liberated Horsemanship

Above, me with Neddy the miniature donkey who refuses to wear a halter to be trimmed!!

I accidentally became a trimmer after my Fell Pony Prince transitioned to Barefoot. Long story short is that shoes stopped working for my horses, they were lame, had hoof cracks and my hoof care professional at that time stopped answering my calls. My light bulb moment was back in 2008 i was sat in Jayne Cooneys kitchen discussing the problems i was having with my horses with her sister in law and my old school friend. Jayne recommended i try and book Nick Hill a "Barefoot trimmer". I had never thought of barefoot before and had never even heard of a barefoot trimmer. After some discussion i booked Nick Hill to come and see my horses, my opinion was that if he turned up that was the first hurdle over with. Nick turned up on time looked at my horses, then asked to see my feed room and field and asked several questions about their diet, exercise and hoof care. I realised then that i didn't know a thing about hooves. Nick informed me my horses were laminitic, had thrush and were too fat, at last i knew what was wrong with my horses! I couldn't understand why my vet and farriers hadn't noticed this before and told me. Nick trimmed my horses hooves, recommended a natural non toxic thrush treatment and give me some ideas on restricting the grazing and how to get my horses moving. The biggest thing was, he agreed to come back every six weeks and did so for two years, until i took over the trimming myself. During these two years i read several books on trimming and to my family's horror announced i was spending my savings on travelling about Europe to become a "barefoot trimmer"

I enrolled in the Jaime Jackson course in Holland and traveled to Holland, Denmark and Italy and spent time with different professionals trimming horses. After two years training i became a student practitioner with the ISNHCP. I then discovered Liberated horsemanship were running a hoof care professional conference in Spain, followed by their gateway clinic. So i traveled to Spain and was impressed by the large amount of varying professionals that were there who had also chosen to become trimmers and learn as much as they could about hooves. Among the professionals, there were vets, farriers who were changing to barefoot only, chiropractors, fellow trimmers from different schools and an animal behaviorist. I then completed the Liberated Horsemanship training program and in June 2016 i traveled to the state university in Wooster Ohio and became an instructor for Liberated Horsemanship.

I am now a full time barefoot trimmer and trim between 80 and 120 horses, ponies and donkeys a month. My goal is help horse owners in any way i can with transitioning to barefoot and educating them on whole horse health. This includes working alongside other professionals such as vets, chiropractors, equine horse dentists and animal communicators. I specialise in working with the horse owner work within their means, taking into consideration, land management, any restrictions they have to abide by and their financial limits. The most important thing is the horses welfare. I also stock and carry around with me a selection of hoof boots, pads, red horse products, and supplements all non toxic and suitable for barefoot horses.

I now offer hoof care courses for horse owners wanting to further their knowledge in hoof care and whole horse health please see my courses section for the courses that are currently running.

Meet My Horses


Prince was my second proper pony, i got him when i was 12 years old, so that means i have had him 22 years!! Prince is a fell Pony and is a direct son of Waver Head Prince, i have some clients that are his nieces too!! Prince is the reason i became a trimmer and is now sound, not fat or lamintic and the thrush has gone! He is now semi retired as he is 26 this year and goes out for gentle hacks with his little rider kate. Prince likes to splash people in rivers any chances he gets.

Prince's Hoof now, stress rings gone and rock crunching hooves! 

Prince is modeling some scoot boots, before i stocked and sold them i wanted to try them out so Kate and prince tested them for me!

Prince testing out the scoot boots!


Piper is a 16 hand Cob x Fell Pony. He is 24 now and i have had him 20 years. He is Prince's cousin. Piper is now retired from driving and enjoys light hacks a few times a week.

Driving barefoot - No problem!


Rebus is the baby of the herd, he is 6 in may 2017 and was just backed in October 2016 Rebus came to me at 9 months old he is very intelligent and likes jobs to do!  

First proper ride on rebus after he was started by DJ Horsemanship